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Lupe Alpaca Knotted Headband

Lupe Alpaca Knotted Headband

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Super soft, hand crafted  choc black Knotted Headband.  Perfect to keep you warm especially on chilly winter mornings.

The purest thing you will ever put on. Pure Australian Alpaca wool - this is natural Alpaca wool at its finest. Soft, light weight and warm.

After shearing, the fleece from our alpacas is sent away to be processed and returns as a workable yarn. The choc black colour wool is the natural colour of the fleece from Lupe. Lupe's fleece is classed as solid black - however when you look closely she has chocolate tips to her fleece, which  becomes the beautiful choc black colour you see here.  No dyes or chemicals are used - this is "natural hair colour".

  • - Colour: Choc Black
  • - Gender: Unisex
  • - Material: Alpaca Wool
  • - Size: Adult
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